Keep Track Of ALL OF THE INTERNET With Cache

Today’s Killer Startup: Cache




Elevator Pitch:

Cache lets you “collect links, text, images, video and audio from around the web with ease.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’m one of those people that always has 8 million tabs of things that I want to check out, write about, or send to someone open at a time. Unfortunately, most of those tabs end up getting lost on my desktop, never read, or I do read them and then they disappear into the ether that is the vast, vast universe of the internet.


One obvious solution to this problem is bookmarks, right? They come with every browser and have been a part of the web for at least as long as I’ve been online. However, my bookmarks are even more of a mess than my tabs, with everything from apartments I’d thought about checking out in countries I don’t even live in anymore to articles I loved to blog posts that sparked ideas… Honestly, I avoid my bookmarks at all costs these days — it’s not worth the time it takes to wade through.


This is where Cache comes in. Cache is “bookmarks that are more than just links.” It’s basically a storage repository for all of the cool stuff you find online, be it links or pics or videos or really anything. All you have to do to “collect” a link is click on it and it will be added to your cache.


You can also organize all of your links into collections, which are searchable and filterable. So if you’re looking for that one article you read about, say, better UI/UX and you can’t really remember anything about it other than the general topic (and that it was awesome), you’ll be able to find it in Cache. (Can you say the same about your bookmarks bar?)



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