– Giving You 3 Ways To Search The Web is an open web search engine.

At you have three different choices when making your search. You can choose to do a search in; robot mode, human mode, or SOS function. The first two modes are self explanatory, the SOS function is new. When you have a question you can post it using the SOS function and other ByKaee community members will submit their advice and answers. You can help out by responding to other peoples SOS posts. Once you have made a search provides you with a bookmark section where you can save your results. also suggests other sites you may be interested in. works like other search engines when you are ding a search you can add terms by using the plus sign. There are icons to help you filter your search if you are looking for specific material such as photo, videos, or audio. You can use ByKaee from your mobile device as well. There is a submit URL feature which allows you to add sources and information to the site. There is a “topics of the month” feature which is new that lets you know what the latest buzz is about. Find interesting information at In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Bykàee.

A search engine with 3 different layers for your search.

robot mode

A spider gets new web pages contents every day. You search by keywords and the engine shows you the results. The engine is hybrid: partly lexical and partly semantic (he finds the search context).

human mode

Webmasters put into Bykàee new resources every day. An engine shows you this resources after your search. You can choose some types of resource: web pages, images, feeds, documents, videos, audios…

sos function (NEW)

You submit a query to search something and use the “Click here to send an SOS request” link. ByKàee community answers to you using the “Last SOS requests” links. If you help some users, users help you!”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a clean clear interface. The logo is bold and attractive. The site is easy to navigate and features clear informative text that helps you get the most out of the site. The introductory video is also very helpful. The video goes through all of the ways you can perform a search on the site. The topics of the month section is a fun feature that can help people stay up to date. The SOS function is also a good way for those with questions to easily get answers.

Some Questions About

There are many other popular search engines, how will deal with competition? Having a voting feature on the site would be fun. Users could vote on the best websites for specific categories and they could be featured on the homepage.