search cancel – Get Information Using a Cell is a website dedicated to accessing specific user-defined information using SMS text messaging and a mobile device (cell phone).


Bwizzoo registered users define search inquiries and a specific corresponding response using the website. Then registered users sms message bwizzoo, a username and an inquiry to the Bwizzoo phone number. In a few moments, the user defined response is sent from Bwizzoo to the registered user’s cell phone or mobile device. Bwizzoo is empowering people to define the important information that is needed on the go. Bwizzoo is great for personal address books, sales information, formulas and stats, drink recipes or anything else you want to have access to. Simply put, you set up “A” piece of information and associate it with “B” piece of information. Then text message bwizzoo username and information “A” to them and they respond with “B”. In Their Own Words

“ is an idea to give business access to information while in the field. Ultimately, the developers of bwizzoo are going to make commercial products of benefit for businesses or organizations with field sales staff, unsupported merchandisers and also volunteers. We are currently seeking additional funding to expand our vision of user defined database inquiries through SMS. In the meantime our BETA service is proving the cost effective benefit of user defined SMS database gateways.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With billions of text messages being sent daily around the world, this allows users to access information while on the go. Need to remember your grocery list? Add it as an inquiry. Want to give volunteers or people out in the field secure access to instructions, or technical info? Just add it as an inquiry. Businesses can use it to help coordinate efforts in a cost effective way while out and about and individuals can use it to get their specific information cheaper and faster than using a mobile to surf the web.

Some Questions About

Can people use Bwizzoo outside USA? How do people input my bwizzoo database?

Author : Charly Zaks

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