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Buzzwire.comBuzzwire is a new service which brings streaming internet content (audio, video, and radio) to your mobile phone. Using Buzzwire’s content library of streaming media, you can personalize your own program lineup much as you would customize your own channel on on-demand television.

You can also aggregate your own content and have it streamed to your phone as well, and all content is sharable with your friends (for whom you specify contact information in your Buzzwire account), and can be rated as well. To find content, you can search by keyword, or filter content by type, and results can be sorted by popularity and or date added to the Buzzwire site. Get the content on your phone by clicking “add to phone”. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Buzzwire allows its users to submit requests for content. Signing up for Buzzwire is free, and activating your account is simply a matter of clicking on the link Buzzwire provides you in a text message to your mobile device. In Their Own Words

“Your world of streaming internet content.
Audio. Video. Live Radio.
All on your mobile phone, on demand.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Buzzwire appears as though it might be simpler to use than other similar services. The site is well divided into different sections which clearly delineate how to search for, aggregate, and stream content to your phone. Plus, it’s free to use.

Some Questions About

Right now the size of Buzzwire’s content database is small (5,000 files). Do they plan on offereing any incentive for their users to upload more content?

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