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BuzzTouch.comBuzz Touch is a new iPhone and Android app builder that is open source, and which is available for free. Using it, anybody can create an app online, then download the source code and compile it using XCode or Eclipse. Then, the person will be able to distribute the app in the App Store or the Android Market.

The actual process of building an app using Buzz Touch is kept as intuitive as possible. The goal of the site is to let people who are not technically-minded come up with something that is worthwhile, in an unfussy way. They will be able to combine menus, submenus, images, location maps, YouTube videos… that is, users of Buzz Touch will be able to come up with the kind of app that is essentially informative. But that was only to be expected. Anything else entails programming skills.

Still, the number of people who could use such a platform is enormous. All those individuals who have personal page or blog and want to make it go mobile (and highlight the content they are posting) couldn’t get their hand on something better, if only because a Buzz Touch is so easy to use and an account can be created at no cost. In Their Own Words

“Buzztouch is a FREE iPhone and Android App builder.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give those who want to make their sites go mobile an excellent chance to do it, without having to hire a programmer or anything like that.

Some Questions About

Will other mobile platforms be eventually supported?