BuzzShed – Get paid to watch commercials!

Basically, BuzzShed members get paid to watch videos.

When you sign up to BuzzShed.

com they ask you some basic questions about your age, your occupation, and interests. Then when an advertiser loads a new commercial that matches your profile you get an email with a link to the video on

And the clincher – you earn 30 cents for each video you watch! Plus they’re targeted at your profile, so the idea is that you will be interested in the commercials anyway.

The site doubles as a social bookmarking site videos. A bit like, but targeted purely at online videos that are generating “buzz”.

BuzzShed In Their Own Words

BuzzShed is a community of members who discover and share great videos, and make some money watching online video advertising.

That’s right – as a member you’ll get paid to watch videos!

These sponsored videos might be about sales or special deals for BuzzShed members, or funny videos that the advertiser hopes you’ll share with your friends. Each video will be matched to your profile, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find each one relevant and interesting.

All you need to do is tell BuzzShed about your hobbies and interests, and we’ll send you a BuzzClip when an advertiser adds a video we know you’ll be interested in. What’s a BuzzClip you ask? Well, it’s an email containing a link to a sponsored video – watch it and we’ll pay you 30 cents. It’s that simple!

Why BuzzShed It Might Be A Killer

When your website pays people to watch videos getting publicity is no barrier to success.

Pop up video commercials are annoying and pre-roll ads on YouTube can only be a couple of seconds long. So why not just pay people watch commercials? It’s a basic idea, but the logic is good and its catching on fast.