– A Social Media Monitoring Solution

BuzzGain.comTaking into account the rate of expansion of social media sites and services, a solution like the one we are discussing right now is a necessity for companies that want to reach an audience as large as possible. Generally speaking, BuzzGain stands as a sort of tool for revealing conversations and voices in social services that deal with specific products, which can be then used by companies as a point of reference for improving both the products themselves and the services they render as a whole.

In that sense, BuzzGain can be defined as a social media monitoring solution that will enable any company to provide customers with products reflecting their needs, and foster relationships this way.

Garnering market intelligence has been the name of the game for those who move in the world of advertising from the very beginning. This solution fulfils that role, and it also aids the ones who have to deal with public relations and customer service duties understand what is it the ones who are eventually paying their wages want.

The price this solution is provided for varies from package to package. There are three versions available, and the tag goes up according to the revenue the company generates. In any case, the same role is played out: building a mutually beneficial relationship between customers and companies, in a way as dynamic as possible. In Their Own Words

“BuzzGain is an online service for discovering and engaging with the people who will help your business thrive in today’s social economy – where attention is a precious commodity. It empowers businesses to identify the previously hidden communities who are actively defining and shaping its future, including blogs, Flickr, youtube, Twitter, and traditional media.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a solution has the potential to form lasting bonds between companies and punters in a direct way, by letting those in charge realize what is it that customers want, and when.

Some Questions About

How many social media channels are already taken into consideration? How often are new ones added?