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Buzzcritic.comBuzzCritic is a service that calculates what or who is receiving the most buzz on the interweb and then ranks them according to that calculation. BuzzRank is calculated based on 4 main factors: Mentions in the blogosphere, “buzzes” by BuzzCritic site users, speed with which something is rising, and trustworthiness.


Categories for you to customize your search include: trends, stuff, cars, celebrities, sports, technology, games, television, music and movies. So if you want to know who or what is currently generating the most buzz on the internet, go to BuzzCritic and at the same time help your favorites get more buzz by selecting them. In Their Own Words

“BuzzCritic is a buzz aggregation service who’s goal is to track what’s buzzing around the interweb. BuzzCritic helps answer important questions like “Which is hotter, Paris Hilton or the 2007 Subaru Forester”. If your answer is “Who Cares?”, you would be correct!

BuzzCritic is most valuable when comparing buzz worthy topics within a single category. In fact our algorithm does not compare things in different categories well (we don’t think this would be useful). Instead we assign a relative BuzzRanktm to things within categories so that every buzzworthy item or topic is ranked relative to other similar things.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could be a handy site for people wanting to track what will be the next big hit. It will also probably be appealing to the same demographic that make the E Channel such a success. So for anyone with a bit of a flock mentality, this is the place to go to make sure that you aren’t being left behind. It is a great way to follow anything that already has a bit of buzz and get up-to-date news on them

Some Questions About

Do people have time for another site like this? The answer is that they probably do. One improvement would be a search bar that allows you to search for specific things instead of having to go through the various categories.

Author : Caroline Bright

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