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Buzzbox.comFast Forward can be described as a recommendation service that lets you know about sites you might like to visit based on the site you are currently visiting. This is implemented in a very concise way, too: all you have to do is add a button to your browser by clicking on the “Install It” link that is featured on the site, and once the process has been carried out you can start using the recommendation button next time you start your machine.

If you will, this service can be compared to a recommendation service like the one Amazon features, but focused on websites – instead of telling you about similar products, it tells you about related sites that were visited by others.

Fast Forward works on contents of every kind, too – videos, pictures and news are fully taken into consideration.

Another good point of this service is that it not only is provided free of charge, but you don’t have to register or fill in any form to become a user. All it takes is following the installation link and resetting your machine when prompted.

All in all, Fast Forward stands as a viable way of looking up contents and letting the computer do the hard work for you. Give it a try at and see how it does for yourself. In Their Own Words

“You can use FastForward on any webpage on the Internet. We have over 200,000 people contributing and over 40,000 websites in our system. By grouping all the people that visited the page you are on, we take you to the top page these people went next. It’s like Amazon shopping recommendations for webpages, just like ‘People who bought this also bought these items’. We do ‘People who viewed this page also viewed this page next’.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes web browsing suppler, and finding the right contents for you less demanding.

Some Questions About

What browsers are supported right now? Which ones will be supported later on?