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Buzz2Biz.comBuzz2Biz is a professional meeting platform aimed at individuals, organizations and businesses. The site provides a means for users to build their network and exchange contact details, much like Linkedin.


Buzz promises high visibility and quality networking. Users are able to customize their profiles and cards; they can add media such as videos and pictures, and display their contact details. The networking features are pretty standard: there’s messaging, as well as contacts and mail. The interface is plain and unsophisticated. Adding text or media is much like writing an email. Users can invite colleagues and friends from their personal page. Sign up is free. At the moment, more features are being worked on. In Their Own Words

“Build your business network via:
A free professional meeting platform
A high visibility on the web
An exchange area for yours projects
And more”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very straightforward networking service. It’s got clean lines and simple features.

Some Questions About

Buzz2Biz doesn’t offer much. Compared to other networks, this one lags far behind. Half of the text is in French, the interface is slow, there are no outstanding features, it has an outdated 1.0 feel to it.

Author : Siri Marshall

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