– A New Way To Sell Music Online

BuyWidget.comIf you are looking for alternative ways in which you could monetize your blog or site, then you should consider giving BuyWidget a good look. In essence, it will empower you to embed a download widget for selling music through your site.

This widget will let any visitor listen to an entirely-personalized playlist. For example, all the songs from the same album can be purchased at once using such a widget.

These playlists are great as accompaniment to music-related editorial stories, music reviews, and artist profiles. All these blogs that are devoted to covering new and emerging artists are sure to put them to some excellent uses.

For its part, site owners can customize their BuyWidget by adding their own logo, and by giving the playlist itself a suitable name.

A service like this one, then, allows site owners to enhance the experience of their users while increasing site engagement and the revenue that goes with it. BuyWidget already supports standard HTML, WordPress, TypePad and Blogger sites. If you like the concept, chances are you will be able to implement it right away. In Their Own Words

“BuyWidget allows a site owner to add a source of revenue to their site or blog. It allows the site owner to create customized playlists of either albums or tracks in MP3 format.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music bloggers couldn’t really ask for more – it caters 100 % to their needs.

Some Questions About

How many songs can a playlist have?