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Buytter.comYou know, this is quite an interesting Twitter-related site even if it doesn’t modify the way people tweet or approach Twitter on the whole for that matter. Basically, this website is a sort of repository where the value of top Twitter accounts is estimated in US$.


Note that selling a Twitter account for cash is not allowed by Twitter regulations. Of course, you will probably remember that during the infamous Kutcher Vs. CNN episode CNN actually managed to procure the profile which we now associate with them, as it was not exactly theirs back then. They managed to arrange a sort of deal that was not exactly a sale-purchase, and it became theirs.

This site, then, is a sort of tool for measuring the popularity of twitterers in a monetary sense. We have a trillion sites that calculate popularity based on other criteria, and it has become a bit stale. After all, the same aspects are always taken into account – number of followers, number or retweets, number of direct messages… It is nice to see something different for a change, even if probably the very same information is being weighed up – the one difference is how the results are presented back to you. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Buytter, your Twitter shop.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you have ever wondered how much your Twitter account is worth, here you will have a chance of finding that out.

Some Questions About

How are the figures provided on the site arrived at?

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