– Interview With Founder Oron Barbar On IBMs And Carrots

Understanding that there are many ways to drive traffic to sites, Buy Traffic Guide hopes do some of the leg work, and offer through its site tested and approved tools to that aim. Complete with articles on the latest trends, SEO, and Webmaster tools, BTG aims to be the source for all things traffic related.



BTG even has its own Seal of Approval in case you’ve your doubts about a particular service or method. This SOA as well as the articles serve to offer advice and recommendations for getting meaningful and returning users to a site.


In our interview with Founder Oron Barbar, he sat down with KillerStartups and told us about what’s it like to run Buy Traffic Guide from rural settings.


So how long have you involved with the internet?

I’ve been involved for more than 10 years now. The first time I was on the Web was when I was about 13.


And what were your first steps of involvement?

I was a support center manager at Live Person.


Do you remember what your first computer was?

Uh, I think it was the IBM 286.


When does your typical day start?

I start at 7 AM and luckily the “office” is at home. The view from my office window is nice.



What’s the first thing you do after leaving your “office?”

I make coffee and head to the garden beside my house to hang out with my kids.


So when do your best ideas come to you?

My best ideas usually come after a few beers or when I’m taking my dogs for a walk by the ocean. The ocean air is special and I truly believe it can take us to new places. Well, so can beer.


What do you need to accomplish today?

I have to buy some new vegetables seeds since my garden is full of old plants. Actually, I need to plant some new ones. It’s a nice thing to have a garden because I like it when my kids can take carrots or tomatoes and eat them right there, fresh.



What author do you enjoy reading?

John Grisham is the man.


What gave you the confidence to begin Buy Traffic Guide?

Truly, my wife. She pushed me to make it happen and I owe her so much for that. In fact, I owe her for a lot more than that. She pushed me to take a risk and this is the best advice I would offer anyone considering a startups. TAKE THE RISK!


What about revenue?

The first two years we made nothing from the site. In 2012, we made a little money but not enough to share with investors. I’m hoping 2013 will be the boom we need.


So how can our readers get in touch?

Check out our Facebook, our blog, or the site itself.


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