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BuyMyPlaylist.comBuy My Playlists is a new music service that will come in handy both for audiences and performers. Half marketplace and half social site, BMP makes for creating playlists and having them shared with others. Music fans who use this website are enabled to group all their songs together and have that made available to others, at the same time they can discover new bands via these playlists the rest have created. And as far as performers go, a service like Buy My Playlists is great for promoting their music free from the constrictions imposed by physical media. A site like this one enables them to present songs from different albums united by a common thread, or live songs that were never released before.

And the way the site works, those who share a playlist with others can earn up to 15% of the music retail price. Credits are given to the owners of these playlists that lead people to buy songs, and these individuals can use these credits to get more music for themselves. And then, use these new songs to build further playlists, and keep on reaching out to more people. In Their Own Words

Music fans in concert with their favourite artists.

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What other advantages has this got for artists besides the obvious exposure? What kind of support with sites such as BandCamp (or even Facebook) is provided?