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Buyerzone.comNeed to buy something and you don’t know where to get it from? Need to save money by buying the cheapest article available? Then Buyerzone is just what you are looking for. The site offers a vast number of purchasing categories, such as office, Telecom, marketing, construction, restaurant and health care equipment, among others.


The site is totally free, and you do not need to login or register, unless you are a supplier interested in positioning your product on the site. In just two simple steps you can receive the information, directly for the suppliers, about the product, or products, you are interested in; first, you need to select the product you are interested in, then you just need to click on the selection details provided by the site, and you just wait for the answers from the suppliers. At the moment the site is available only for interested customers in the US, and the site doesn’t give any information on if or when is the service going to be available for international customers. Buyerzone is very easy and fast to browse through, supplying the customer with an easy and totally free way of getting info on their selected products. In Their Own Words

“Our service connects millions of active buyers to a comprehensive network of national and local suppliers across more than 125 product and service categories. Using an intelligent matching process, BuyerZone brings buyers together with the most appropriate suppliers for their needs. Businesses of all sizes turn to BuyerZone to buy and sell products and services. Why? Because we streamline the purchasing process, saving time and money for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can receive multiple, competitive price quotes on important business purchases and can access expert purchasing advice – fast and free. Suppliers get connected directly to active buyers of their products and services immediately following the buyer’s quote request, thereby accelerating their customer acquisition efforts. With BuyerZone, the process of buying and selling for businesses has never been easier.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is an excellent solution for people interested in purchasing, leasing or renting any given product. The design of the site is very well put together, guaranteeing the user that they will get what they are looking for.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t an international service be provided as soon as possible? Isn’t it more effective, for the buyer as for the supplier, to get in touch with each other, rather than by an intermediary?

Author : Steve Dixon

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