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You’re Going To Want To Buy EVERYTHING On Scratch

Today’s Killer Startup: Scratch



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Elevator Pitch:

Scratch is a new shopping site and app that will keep you from ever mindlessly browsing Amazon again.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Online shopping is awesome, but the reality is that a lot of sites are just kind of… Cumbersome. Or ugly. Or both (cough cough Amazon cough cough). Don’t you wish you had a site you could go to that had both curated lists from experts and a personal shopper to help you out? What’s that you say? There already is one?


Scratch is a brand new app that makes online shopping even more awesome. You can choose to ask one of their shoppers to find you a specific item, or you can browse their collections for ideas. The setup is simple, pretty, and the pictures make you want to click on the collections. The first one I went for was the Green Thumb collection, which included garden and plant-related stuff. The items they had on offer were so cute that it made me wish (not for the first time) that I had a real home and was not a wandering digital nomad.


However, if I did have a real home when I discovered Scratch, I’d probably be broke. Seriously, I found an awesome sunflower vase, cheeky East Coast coasters, and a beautiful ceramic steamer – for, you know, all those times I make dumplings from scratch. Want, want, want! This site is giving me major homemaker lust, let me tell you.


Scratch not only has beautiful, awesome things for you to lust over (or, you know, actually buy) but they also promise the lowest price possible. They’re so confident that their charges — which never include service fees or mark-ups — are the lowest, they’ll pay you the difference if you find the same item for cheaper within 30 days. That’s a guarantee you can’t say no to.


Oh, and you’re in extra luck today. Scratch is letting in the first 200 people who sign up via this link jump the waiting list. You’re welcome.



Are you ready for a #shopping app that delivers truly beautiful things, at the lowest price? @TryScratch


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Author : Emma McGowan

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