Buxr.com – Save Time And Earn Money

Buxr.comMany websites give users the opportunity to save some money when it comes to finding good deals online when they buy products or hire services.

Buxr is a friendly community of bargain hunters that want to share their finds in order to give you the chance to get a mutual benefit.

On this site you will find different options in order to get these benefits because anyone can register and submit coupon codes he has used or found.

This is a nice way to help each other to save money. After a member submits a deal, it will be rated and discussed by other members, so you can rest assured that all the codes are valid and reliable.

Buxr is an appealing online resource that gives you the chance to be rewarded with cash in case you are one of the most active users. Consequently, on this website you will be benefited with the possibility to save money by finding good deals and earn money by participating. This is a double benefit, isn’t it?

All the prizes you will find on this site are daily and monthly updated and daily members can win $10 and monthly prizes vary between $100 and $200. Are you interested in this site? Visit it at Buxr.com.

Buxr.com In Their Own Words

“We hate shopping but strangely enough we enjoy shopping online. Maybe it is because the feeling of spotting a hot deal is similar to the experience of a victory in a sports competition, and who doesn’t love to win? Bargain hunting is our life time hobby (check the ‘Who is behind this’ section below) and we have put the best of what we know about it into this project. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you will have fun exploring Buxr.”

Why Buxr.com It Might Be A Killer

This online resource will be attractive for users that are always “hunting” for good deals.

Some Questions About Buxr.com

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