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Butterfleye Is The Security System Of The 21st Century

I have a very clear memory of my father running downstairs in the middle of the night, stark naked, baseball bat in hand, as the security alarm shrieked through the house. We’d been robbed a few months before and my dad — who had a video production company based out of our house and therefore a lot of really expensive equipment — installed the alarm to protect us. Unfortunately (fortunately), the only things that ever set it off were me and my little brother messing around, and, as was the case on the night of the naked baseball bat, our cat. She liked to jump between the furniture at night.


But that was in the early ‘90s. Kids today will not be reduced to helpless laughter at the sight of their dad’s bare butt as he blearily swings the bat around, looking for an intruder. Nope, their dads will be able to roll over and check their Butterfleye, the brand new, state-of-the-art security system that puts my dad’s old school motion sensors to shame.




Butterfleye is the world’s first smart monitoring camera that will never give you a false alarm. It’s a wireless camera that has a microphone, a 95 degree field of view, ABR sensors, 16 GB of internal storage, a speaker, advanced audio video analytic processors, 10.4Ah battery, and a magnetic tilt mount. Phew! Did you get all that?


Unlike old school cameras, the Butterfleye only records when it’s triggered by movement. However, it doesn’t count things like light shifting, trees moving in the background, or wind blowing as “movement.” It will really only pick up on stuff like your pets, children, or actual real life intruders.


And the Butterfleye isn’t just for security. People with fur babies can check in on their pets during the day — the camera lets you see, hear, and even talk to your animals. It can also be used as a baby monitor for a human baby, accessible even when you’re away on a business trip and you just want to see your little dumpling sleeping. Or if you’re the worrying type, you can even use it to make sure that you did, in fact, turn off the stove and close the garage door.




Butterfleye is currently in the last stages of their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. At the time of me writing this article, they’d already raised more than 500% of their goal but were shooting for a stretch goal of 700% in order to provide customers with an added layer of privacy and security in the form of infinite storage. They’ve got some great rewards (including some early bird deals to get your own Butterfleye), so go jump on it before time runs out!


And if you don’t, your kids might end up telling a story about your bare butt and baseball bat well into their twenties…


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Author : Emma McGowan

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