BusyThumbs.com – Improve Your Dexterity by Moblogging

BusyThumbs.comBusyThumbs will keep your thumbs a bloggin’. It’s a mobile blogging platform, you see.

Sign up and you’ll be able to create any number of moblogs which you can easily update from your phone via email or MMS. Sign up takes a few minutes. Afterwards you’ll have full access to the wonderful world of BusyThumbs mobloggin’. You’ll be able to check out the forums, search for other members and contact your fellow bloggers. There’s also a blog directory so you can find out who else is busy blogging, alphabetically. Additionally, of course, you can add photos and videos snapped and filmed with your camera phone. Updates can be sent in via SMS too.

BusyThumbs.com In Their Own Words

“BusyThumbs.com gives registered users the ability to create multiple moblogs (mobile phone web logs), which can be updated either via the website or via their MMS enabled mobile phone. Registration is free, takes only a minute and your privacy is of course guaranteed.

There is no charge from BusyThumbs for this service. The only fees that apply are the ones set by your mobile phone provider for sending an MMS (about 36p per message on average, at the time of writing – make sure you check with your povider for up to date tarrifs!)”

Why BusyThumbs.com It Might Be A Killer

BusyThumbs keeps things quick and simple. Users can create multiple moblogs to showcase and store all of their stuff. Sign up is easy and the interface is relatively unhampered.

Some Questions About BusyThumbs.com

How much stuff can users upload? Is there a way to communicate with other mobloggers? BusyThumbs.com