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BustMyBudget.comA daily deals site with a difference, Bust My Budget is here to make the lives of those who are about to tie the knot so much easier. You see, nothing but bridal offers and bargains are featured here.


Currently, the following ten territories are covered: Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco. When you first visit the site, you are asked to choose one of these. When you have done so, all the deals that apply will be displayed for you to swing into action and start contacting your friends one by one in a bid to get the deal.

All the information that sites of this nature always offer is provided as part of each listing – how longer will the deal be posted, how many people have already committed themselves to buy the featured item, how much would you save if you do get it… We are treading familiar ground indeed.

Hopefully, more and more cities will be added soon. This is a novel service that happens to fill in a gap that nobody else noticed was even there. It definitely has got potential for going places. In Their Own Words

Exciting new deals every day – experience the best in your city while saving up to 90% off!

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are no other a-deal-a-day websites that are this specific.

Some Questions About

Which cities are meant to be supported next?

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