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BusinessBeware.bizThis website aims to be the spot where businesses and contractors can give feedback and ratings on customers in their area. It is a bit like a reverse Better Business Bureau but for businesses to use to file a complaint against customers to warn each other.

It is a system for all businesses to use and help each other out. The membership is only a $5.00 year fee.

The person who created the site makes a valid point: as a whole, most businesses are pretty decent and treat their customers with respect. But there are some customers you just cannot please, which is what the site has been created for. It has not been devised to diss or call names, it is simply a resource to warn fellow contractors about a customer that maybe did not pay them, or that was unnecessarily difficult to deal with. And as a business, wouldn’t you want to know from a fellow business about a customer for your future jobs?

In finishing, an original resource that plays out a role which is often overlooked, and that ensures both parties in a business relationships can know where they stand from the very beginning. In Their Own Words

“For the past 25 years, I have been involved with the service industry, with most of those years, owning my own business. As a young man, I was taught that in life and in business, you were to have integrity. This has been a mainstay for my foundation of my life and businesses. The problem is that there are a increasing amount of people who do not hold these same values. I grew up during a time when most people were told ” the customer was always right”, but that isn’t always true. Our goal is to shed light to businesses, who are trying to work hard and do a good service for customers, but have had to deal with slow paying customers, customers who will not pay, and customers who you cannot please.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The customer is not necessarily always right. This site is here to let businesses know which customers are prone to be less right than others, be prepared and act accordingly.

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