Here’s How You Can Stop Shoddy WiFi From Killing Your Business On Travels

For business travelers, being able to get the job done takes priority over comfort when choosing hotels. This means finding fast (and preferably free) WiFi.


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Sending files, taking conference calls, setting up a work station away from the office in unfamiliar terrain, all depend on having a reliable and speedy connection. Unfortunately, hotels have been slow to register just how much WiFi matters to their guests and to do more than proudly boast that it’s available onsite.


Things are going to change.


Hotel WiFi Test allows guests to test WiFi speed at the hotel where they are staying. This creates a real-time measure of quality. What’s more, sharing results on social media puts pressure on hotels for them to step up their game and keep workers in business.


Great. But how does this help people before they make reservations?

Well, Hotel WiFi Test recently released a browser extension that includes their WiFi information on popular booking sites. After a one-click install, the display looks like it’s a natural part of,, Expedia and TripAdvisor. Travelers can now conveniently use this WiFi information and rankings to help them decide where to stay.


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Reviewers mention WiFi frequently, but comments are lost within other information. And, of course, WiFI conditions change over time. Hotel WiFi Test delivers accurate speed recordings and makes guest confidence levels easy to find.


Sorry, hotels, the “That’s funny, it must be out everywhere” excuse will no longer fly.


Hotel WiFi Test will see to it. This tool also lets users compare WiFi quality with nearby properties. So… notice served: if a hotel with sketchy WiFi sits across the street from a similar property with glitch-free WiFi, there’s little question as to where guests will opt to spend their money.


What’s that? But you offer sandalwood or coconut scented shampoos…

No one cares. In a 2014 survey conducted by, travelers rated Internet / Free WiFi as the most important in-room amenity – ahead of the shower and bedding and room size, while trailing only complimentary breakfast and a restaurant option in the rankings for most valuable amenity overall that a property can offer.




Even vacationers want to be able to stay in touch with their families, coordinate travel, book entertainment and more while unwinding. Solid and quick WiFi is the shared expectation now. People have no tolerance for anything else, and business people can’t afford less.


Visit the next time you stay at a hotel. Add the extension to your Chrome browser. Share test results, and we may all get the WiFi we want when we’re on the road.


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