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Startups, Here Are Those Big Business Partnerships You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Today’s Killer Startup: Partnered



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Elevator Pitch:

Partnered connects startups with big companies for beneficial partnerships.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

A lot of little guys need the big guys and the big guys need the little guys. Startups can provide so much to larger brands more efficiently, inexpensively, or just better. Big corporations can support startups by, well, paying them when they need money the most: during their growth periods.


The problem is, the big companies and the little guys sometimes seem to exist in different universes. Any startup founder can tell you that getting connected to someone at a major brand can takes hundreds of hours and weeks of work — and who has time for that?


Partnered helps make that connection by vetting startups first for quality and then connecting them with brands who want to work with startups. They’re like an awesome agency or middle man, trusted to make the connections that are so hard to make on your own.


Wtihin Partnered, startups can even directly pitch brands using their branded pitch tool. All you have to do is press “pitch” on their profile, write out a message, and pitch away! The brands will let you know if they’re interested. Partnered claims that 1 in 4 conversations that start on their site lead to a business relationship.


On the big guy side, because Partnered reviews all of the startups on their site, the hours that would normally be spent vetting companies can be spent on other tasks instead. It’s a win-win all around: new relationships made, time saved, and everyone goes home happy.


We all know that in the current business ecosystem, the big guys need the little guys and the little guys need the big guys. Whichever side of that exchange you’re on, head over to Partnered and start finding great new partnerships today!



Hey #startup founders! Are you ready to partner with TOP brands and companies in your field? @partnered


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Author : Emma McGowan

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