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Buru.comWith so much information available on the Internet, sorting out the best sources can prove difficult, particularly when you’re not an expert on the topic you are researching. But, somewhere out there, there IS an expert on that topic.


At social filtering site, people are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise by creating ‘burus,’ which are ‘boxes’ for organizing and streaming information on any topic. The site is based on the belief that human-filtered and organized content the most valuable. You can create a buru about anything, and add whatever content you like – videos, photos, bookmarks, text, articles, feeds, etc. With IE or Firefox, you can download a browser add-on to help you add content to your buru with a simple drag-and-drop. You can search others users burus and subscribe to those that interest you, and even drag items from one users buru to add to your own. You can filter the content you receive from your buru subscriptions, to further personalize your experience on this site. You can add other members as friends and start group burus about shared interests. In Their Own Words

“As the web grows rapidly, the way people search, explore, and share the web needs to evolve too. was born with the belief that people can get more valuable information on what they are interested in when the information is human filtered and organized. We call such user filtered content on a specific topic “buru”. So, a buru represents your interest and it may contain anything – a collection of extreme sports videos, an illustrated selection of French recipes, a list of accounting job postings, a set of useful web sites for SAT preparation, a wish list for the upcoming birthday, or news about Silicon Valley startups, for example.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By providing human-filtered, topic-specific content, could be a great source for finding information on the web. If there is a buru on the topic that you are researching, it would likely yield some more focused results than a simple google search. The site remains very interactive, since you can subscribe to burus, filter their contact according to your needs or interests, add friends or search for other members with similar interests, etc.

Some Questions About

Will there be enough buru topics initially to catch people’s interests if they go to the site looking for something specific but can’t find it? Is there any sort of rating or commenting system in place to help filter the most helpful burus from others?


Author : Charly Zaks

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