Burstly.com – A New Mobile Advertising Platform

Burstly.comBurstly is a new mobile advertising platform. Its main objective is letting developers of mobile apps have a firmer grasp on which ads will be served and to whom.

And Burstly has a characteristic that makes it gain some notoriety: the platform itself has also been devised with developers of iPad apps in mind.

The way the network works right now, Burstly takes a ten percent cut on the actual earnings. The company claims that it is not really competing with any of the already-established networks, but rather giving developers a ready chance to handpick what will be shown and to whom within the advertising types that are already commonplace. The goal is to let developers have fuller control over their inventories. This site will let you see which network is bringing in the more money, and focus your efforts on that one alone.

And if you are developing apps for the iPad you could easily run video ads of any size on the new tablet that has been hitting headlines like crazy since yesterday. A platform like this one will effectively let you develop your own in-house ads, and free yourself from this or that network. If you think the idea has potential, simply get a copy of the company’s SDK and learn more about displaying video interstitial ads in your forthcoming iPad ads.

Burstly.com In Their Own Words

“Burstly is commited to providing the best platform for mobile developers to maximize both their marketing and revenue opportunities. We believe the first step to achieving this goal is to empower developers with the tools and data needed to create an even playing field between themselves and the ad networks/ad exchanges. We achieve this by providing 100% transparency in our reports, and giving developers a platform with complete control over what ads are served, and who they are served to.

We’ve aligned our business model 100% with the developer, so we only make money if we make you more than you’re currently making. Stay tuned, since we have tons of great new products on the way.”

Why Burstly.com It Might Be A Killer

iPads are all the rage, apps will start rolling massively in a matter of days. Platforms for monetizing these will be necessary then.

Some Questions About Burstly.com

When can we expect to see the first barrage of iPad apps? Will this technology go down well then? Burstly.com