Burrp.com – India’s Definitive Urban Guide

Burrp.comBombay or Mumbai, as it’s now known, is one of those bustling, huge cities in which a city guide is not only warranted, it’s a practical necessity. Hence we have Mumbai Burrp! a guide to the urban delights of the Indian metropolis.

Actually, the site spans five subcontinental cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata; but Mumbai was the first to be burrped, so to speak. For each city you’ll find reviews and ratings of bars, ice cream shops, theatres, and restaurants. Adding a business requires a quick registration. Burrp’s local alerts help you stay on top of local goings on by sending you SMS notices. Find whatever you’re looking for via the search bar which can be refined by price, ratings and relevance. Burrp will be expanding across India soon.

Burrp.com In Their Own Words

“burrp! is an online urban lifestyle guide that helps people find places to go and things to do. Burrp! is driven by a vibrant and active community of users that share their opinions on lifestyle related businesses, events and other mediums. We provide the best platform for you to share what’s great and not so great about your lifestyle experiences.”

Why Burrp.com It Might Be A Killer

As a city guide, burrp does a fine job. Users submit reviews and provide ratings which are an absolute necessity in huge cities.

Some Questions About Burrp.com

Buurp isn’t as clean and collected as it could be. A fresher, more aesthetic design would be a nice addition. As usual, numbers count—the site won’t work without a critical mass—will Burrp be able to attract visitors? Burrp.com