BumpIn.com – Chat With People Viewing The Same Site


BumpIn.comWhen you’re visiting a given webpage, you probably find yourself wondering who else is on the site at that exact time along with you. Now you can find out.

BumpIn is a social interaction application that, when enabled, lets you see the profiles of other BumpIn users who are currently viewing the same page is you. To use BumpIn, you’ll need to register for an account and create a personal profile (complete with picture to make it easy to identify other users upon arriving at a page). The BumpIn app will show up as a console (somewhat resembling the Google Talk interface) as a sidebar of a page you are visiting, and you can use it to chat with other users and comment on the page you’re visiting. BumpIn’s sidebar also lets you add friends from other social networks and IM services (such as google Talk) and, more interestingly, you could find people with similar interests to add to your buddy list.
What makes BumpIn different from other competitors, such as me.dium, is BumpIn’s scalable architecture, designed to scale to millions of users without requiring a re-design of the system.

BumpIn.com In Their Own Words

“Often we cross paths on the Internet, now we can BumpIn!

Ever wondered who else is doing the same thing as you on the Web? Wanted to connect with those who share your interests? Now you can BumpIn!

BumpIn lets you discover people with similar interests, chat with them and make friends. BumpIn will redefine the concept of social browsing and networking”.

Why BumpIn.com It Might Be A Killer

BumpIn is a good idea, in theory. There are certainly a lot of uses for an interactive on-site chat application like this; I can see it being useful not only for personal motives but also on the job, since you could use it to see which of your coworkers are looking at what sites, and thereby exchange thoughts with them related to the web pages you’re visiting. It could also be useful for getting questions answered quickly or clarifying information on a site that you don’t understand.

Some Questions About BumpIn.com

BumpIn’s success completely depends on how many other people are going to start using it. BumpIn should step up its marketing and maybe professionalize their service and start marketing it towahttp://www.killerstarups.com/admin/categories/modifStartUp.php?IDTitSec=4rd more professional circuits. It would be great if there was some way to synch BumpIn with your Gmail, Outlook, or messenger contacts, and allow you to send a message to those users who don’t yet have BumpIN asking them to join. BumpIn.com