Built For Teams: An HR System For People Who Don’t Know HR

Here’s something you probably never thought about when you were launching your startup: HR. Chances are you spent months, or even years, slaving away by yourself – or with a co-founder or two – on getting your company started. All of your focus was on simply creating something that users would dig, so why would you even think about things waaaaay in the future, like payroll?


But then you raised a little money. Or your product started selling. Or you blew up all of the tech blogs. Whatever the cause, your company started to grow and suddenly you had to hire people because you and your co-founders couldn’t manage it all on your own. All of a sudden, those far in the future problems are staring you in the face and you have to come to terms with the fact you know nothing about running a human resources department. You’re a designer! (Or an engineer. Or a big ideas guy. Or all of the above.)


That’s where Built for Teams comes in. Built for Teams is an attractive, intuitive SaaS HR product that even a bootstrapping startup founder can afford. It’s like a digital filing cabinet that not only stores all of your records but also helps you track things like employee time off, recruiting, and assets.




Some additional features of Built for Teams include:

  • An interactive org chart
  • A company directory
  • A reporting system (goodbye spreadsheets!)
  • A compliance dashboard
  • Custom fields, for non-standard HR stuff
  • A security guarantee that your data will be protected


Now, you’re probably thinking: There’s no way I can afford all of that! Think again, startup founder — Built for Teams is eminently affordable and it grows with you. If you want all of the features listed here, Built for Teams costs only $5 per employee, per month. If you only need some of the features, they have a free option (followed by $1 per employee, per month; and $3 per employee, per month). If you can’t afford prices like that, you probably can’t afford employees and therefore don’t need an HR tool anyway!


Built for Teams launched out of private beta in June and saw an impressive 200% growth in the three months following launch, so clearly they’re appealing to their base.


“We’ve spent 13 years designing and developing software and are excited to be applying all of that experience to the creation of a tool that helps small businesses better manage their workforce,” founder Brett Derricott told KillerStartups. “With big players like Zenefits helping to educate the small business market about the value of having great technology, we’re very optimistic about the future of Built for Teams.”


So, startup founder, stop stressing about how the @$%@ you’re going to figure out all of the HR stuff for your new employees, on top of your already packed to-do list. Get Built for Teams instead.


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