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BuildStats.comIt is good to monitor your URL in order to know how it is actually doing, isn’t it? I bet your answer is positive. Buildstats is an interesting online resource where you will find an effective service when it comes to getting reports about your URL or its competitors URL.

This is done by the use of multiple resources.

You will get a number of reports with all the valuable information you need to know about your site. In this way you will be benefited with many highlights through SEO. In addition to this you can use many social resources so you can take a look at your URL’s performance and popularity in the World Wide Web. In case you want to get an accurate report for your URL you just need to enter your domain in the bar you will see in the site.

This site has a good potential and is easily relatable to website stats and sports stats, as well as any number you want to get. On this site you will also find an SEO related blog, as well as many other features. When you enter the site you will see an uncomplicated solution you will certainly enjoy. Do not think that this is not a versatile tool because it works simple but it is highly advanced. In Their Own Words

“This short descriptive call-to-action domain name has huge branding potential. “Build Stats” is also a generic phrase in that it could refer to website stats, sports stats, or any number of numbers! An SEO related blog, membership site, product or application would fit perfectly. Teaching about search rankings, website stats, analytics, traffic and optimization.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will be used by many website owners in order to compare their site with the competitors.

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