Building the World’s Largest Marketplace for Language Schools

There are an infinite amount of worldly possibilities outside our immediate environments – but all too often, communication differences hold us back.


Language barriers can create issues on both personal and professional fronts; and when it comes to overcoming them, most people don’t know where to start.  Researching which courses to take to learn a new language will usually leave you running in circles, due in large part to the lack of organization in the market.


Eager consumers do have the option to go the software route through services like Rosetta Stone or Babbel.  And while these avenues might offer convenience, they greatly lack the educational quality and personalization that expert-taught, live action classes provide.


But fear not, curious culturalists – the future of language learning has arrived.  Introducing Volangua: a new language school comparison platform that aims to make learning new languages available to anyone in the world.

The easy-to-navigate Volangua website takes the pain out of finding quality language education by combining price comparison technology with a straightforward user experience.  This will ultimately allow users to research multiple options and find the ideal course for them in just minutes – regardless of where they’re located or what language they wish to learn.


On the other end of the spectrum, schools and instructors finally have the visibility they need to grow their services.  Volangua’s partners enjoy a whole host of opportunities to promote their courses to millions on an international level through targeted advertising – ultimately increasing booking totals.

They can also use Volangua’s CMS functionality to publish photos, videos, and other info about their services in order to provide more detail and boost their reputation.  Other key features and benefits of the platform include:


  • Faster bookings through the first ever automated language comparison system
  • Easy management of leads and bookings through accurate, auto-generated sales reports
  • The ability to be added to the platform quickly by filling out a short form on the website
  • Free multi-language customer support


Volangua was founded just last year by Francisco de Santos, who went on to launch a public beta in March 2019.  The company is now looking to build its initial user base for continued testing and optimization of the platform, ahead of its full public launch slated for July 2019.


They’re now offering a free 1-year membership to the first 1,000 language schools/courses to sign up, which can be done by visiting  The Founder can also be reached directly via email at [email protected].


Photos: Volangua