Building an Online Presence For Your Agency: 3 Great Steps

You’ve got your own agency! You’re ready to get your feet off the ground and help clients with whatever your specialty might be. Congrats! But the real question is—how do you let others know what this specialty is? This is where you need to build your online presence.

Granted, word of mouth goes a long way with certain businesses. One success story from a customer could easily go further. But imagine just how much that would skyrocket if that went online. The reach would become astronomical, nearly tripling your business. Or, maybe even more than that. Here are three crucial steps you can take when it comes to building an online presence for your agency.

Define Who You Are and Build Your Online Presence Around That

The most basic step you can take with building that online presence of yours is defining who you are. What kind of agency are you? How will you differ from the competition? You need to create a branding message, clear and simple, that will appeal to thousands or even millions. It’s hard to do, especially with so many other successful companies out there. Yet, it’s crucial, so don’t slouch here.

Once you do this, then comes the next step: content creation. What will you create to define what your agency can do? A simple online commercial? What about a viral campaign with potential giveaways? Really, it depends on the nature of your business and, more importantly, the message you’re trying to give to loyal consumers. If you don’t have this set, your campaign won’t really go anywhere.

It’s here you want to lay out a plan. First, define what your company is and what it can do, as well as what it currently does (if they differ). Then start to put together a program with your social media team. Once that’s done, don’t forget to get SEO optimization going. This is crucial to creating an online presence, as it coincides with search engines (like Bing and Google) to get the job done.

Social Channels are Good, but Be Smart About It

Next up is the most obvious step in creating an online presence – social channels.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…there are so many social networks out there that you can practically network with hundreds of people from just one viral post alone. But the key here, especially with building a strong, good online presence, is going about it the right way.

That means finding the right tone for your agency. This is usually defined by who you are, as dictated above. But it also means finding that voice to fit alongside it. Are you serious? Perhaps you want to be a little playful. Or maybe be all-out silly with your commercials to stand out. Still, never lose focus of what your agency is, and more importantly, what it can do for the clients.

So find a good social team. A team that understands what your message is, and what it can do to convey it the right way. Avoid “bad” posts or anything having to do with politics because that’s no good. Instead, focus on your agency’s strengths. What can you offer? How can you offer it? Then go to town with the right posts. Don’t overpost or you might drive people away before you develop an online presence. Take it slow, keep it interesting.

Once this is done, you’re on your way. There’s just one more thing. 

Video is Your Friend—and Essential

Even if you don’t think you have a face for video, there’s so much it can do to build your online presence. That doesn’t mean you have to shove yourself in front of a camera. Instead, create something that the company identifies with, and then proceed to start your video planning.

As noted above, it helps to have a team that understands what you want. Should you create viral TikToks with employees dancing? Or perhaps a mascot that helps relate to what your agency is? Maybe do a YouTube series explaining the aspects of your business, and what makes you stand out so well.

There are really a number of ways this can go, and it all comes down to approach. That’s why identifying what you want with an online presence is the key factor here. Without that, you’re shooting blanks with ideas that just won’t take off. Or may leave people scratching their heads trying to figure out the point you want to convey. No one wants that, especially with competition breathing down your neck.

Settle down, find a plan, and then proceed slowly but surely to build the online presence for your agency. Once you’ve got that down, begin the next steps with your team in tow. Who knows? You could become the next big online sensation!