Build Things People Want with Scoops

Just because it sounds awesome to you, doesn’t mean it’ll resonate with the masses.


If you listen closely enough, chances are you’ll hear dozens of new business ideas throughout the course of a week.  Some budding entrepreneurs even act swiftly on these ideas and begin crafting their ventures – but almost all will never see the light of day.  Why? Because they’re building things that nobody wants.


This is the #1 reason startups fail – as the time and money spent developing an offering that ends up being unappealing virtually always sinks the ship.  Founders often get blinded by excitement and simply don’t spend enough time asking themselves whether or not their solution solves a real problem.


It’s just super important to have a dialogue with prospective customers and understand their concerns, hesitations, and frustrations upfront – uncovering why they would or would not be a user.  That said, finding a large enough sample size of these people and truly understanding their thoughts is another challenge altogether – often leaving the task on the back burner for good.


Product development is a massive investment – so why keep risking it?  It’s time to validate your ideas before building anything with Scoops: a new question & answer platform that uses real people to test concepts, find early adopters, and find out honest opinions on usage potential.

Scoops allows users to conduct research via an independent respondent group.  For just $12, you can ask 100 people a question and then follow-up with additional actions that delve deeper into your idea.  And unlike survey panels, you can have back-and-forth conversations with as many people as you want.


The platform operates through a visually-appealing app that’s easy for both sides of the coin to navigate.  Simply ask any question regarding your idea, get the answers you need, and review those answers in the form of multiple choice, respondent comments, or short answers.


From there, you’ll have a variety of follow-up options – including asking another question if you’re surprised by the answers, sending a link if many people like the idea, or even conducting an interview if you think you’ve found a prospective customer.  Additional features and benefits that Scoops provides include:


  • Very stringent requirements for sourcing respondents
  • Regular scrambling & repeating of questions to defeat answer bias
  • Respondents are balanced out with different ages, occupations, genders, etc.
  • Respondents receive donations to a charity on their behalf (which the company matches), and can also earn gift cards
  • Easy-to-use live chat available for customer service

Scoops was conceptualized by Christopher Lee in 2018, who has wasted no time in building it into the promising position it sits in today.  The platform has earned significant positive feedback from startup leaders, including Savor CEO Nick Tchir.


If you’d like more information or want to try Scoops for yourself, visit them online at they’re giving first-time users 1 free question & follow-up (a $7 value)!  You can also reach them directly via email at [email protected].


Photos: Scoops