Build a Winning Portfolio, Brick by Brick

When it comes to choosing a reliable investment vehicle, real estate has few peers.


But despite how stable and rewarding it can be, real estate investing is far from perfect.  For starters, there are significant barriers to entry: high initial investment costs and a prevailing lack of liquidity keep millions of people from participating.


On top of this, the real estate investing process has failed to innovate along with changing consumer behaviors.  The old way of executing transactions creates geographic limitations and keeps everyday people who don’t have connections out of the loop.


The time has come to democratize real estate investing.  Introducing Brickshare: an award-winning property investment platform that allows you to build your very own real estate portfolio.

We’re taking the next step in the industry through a crowdfunding model that makes investing attainable for everyone – not just those who hobnob at social elite functions.  Eager investors can get started on Brickshare with just a 10.000 DKK contribution (initial focus is in Denmark).


Just think of us as the “Nasdaq” of real estate.  We’re building a liquid exchange where new and existing investors are able to buy & sell their ”stocks” at market price.  Both profit shares and rental returns can be pulled out quickly, without needing to wait around.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Brickshare was founded in 2016 by Kamran Ahmed & Junaid Ahmad and has since made quite a bit of progress in its mission to democratize real estate investing – including being featured on Borsen, Finans Watch, and other top Danish media outlets.  The company’s next move is the launch of fractional ownership to homeowners.


For more information about the inner workings of Brickshare, please visit them online at  Mr. Ahmed is also available for contact at [email protected].

Photos: Brickshare