BugGrep.com – Help against Bugs

BugGrep.comIf you are an IT person or someone who intensively uses technology, you will realize that very often computers have a tendency to throw out errors for unknown reasons. Finding solutions to these errors can be very time consuming, frustrating and even costly which takes every bit of fun out of your computing enjoyment.

Well if that sounds familiar, you have arrived to the right destination. BugGrep.com is a website dedicated to provide users free information on how to troubleshoot errors related to your OS, software and various other technology related devices. Basically, the idea is simple you have an error you paste it in their search bar. If the error does not exist yet on the site you can post the error and someone will help by giving information on how they have solved this issue previously. The only thing needed to post an error is to sign up, which will give them better control of who is posting on the site. Also, remember that the survival of the site relies heavily on the user’s contribution. Remember, you can always contribute on the site by posting bugs and their respective solutions, that way you will have a reference library the next time this issue comes up.

BugGrep.com In Their Own Words

“BugGrep.com was created by technophile who is very passionate about programming. This is one of my latest applications and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to give user better control on how they can track bugs in the database. Since this is the alpha version of the site I am open to all kinds of constructive criticisms. I hope you enjoy BugGrep as much as I do.”

Why BugGrep.com It Might Be A Killer

There are no other sites out there that actually have solutions on how to solve computer errors. The site is easy to navigate and the concept is very easy to understand.

Some Questions About BugGrep.com

Will it generate enough traffic to keep it going? How many other sites are competing for the same pool of people? BugGrep.com