Bug.gd – Find Solutions to Computer Error Messages

Bug.gdHave you been plagued by error messages from your computer that have left you without hope? If you have it is time you visit Bug.gd to find the solution to these annoying error messages.

Bug.gd is a site where users go to find solutions to their computer error problems. Copy the error message you receive and go to Bug.gd. Type your email address into the email address box, then paste the error message into the error box directly below where you write your email address. Then click search, Bug.gd will search for solutions to your error message that other users have submitted. A list will appear of solutions and you can choose the option that closest resembles your error. Click on the full solution details and read about what you should do to fix your problem. You can add a comment on the solution, and rate the solution by clicking on the green bug if you liked it or the red bug if you thought it was a bad solution. If for some reason on one has found a solution for your error message, you are on your own. You will be contacted in 48 hours to see how you dealt with the situation, and if you solved you will be asked to submit details on how you did. Don’t let these error messages destroy your life visit Bug.gd.

Bug.gd In Their Own Words

“It’s humanity’s last remaining hope against computers. Here you join forces with other lost souls in the fight for sanity. Just submit an error message you’ve seen and we’ll try to find other people who’ve seen the same error and lived to tell the tale.”

Why Bug.gd It Might Be A Killer

Bug.gd has a simple, direct, to the point interface, which is what users of this site will appreciate since they just want to find solutions. Bug.gd is a great idea, if everyone submits solutions to these errors then users can benefit from a portal of knowledge and no longer be lost. Everyone has dealt with an error message they have no idea how to fix, so this site is very useful.

Some Questions About Bug.gd

Bug.gd is a great site, but maybe it could include some Web 2.0 features. Users could have a user name and a history of errors that they have dealt with. Other users could request their knowledge when they deal with a similar error message and maybe they could come to a solution even quicker. Bug.gd could feature an articles section on error solutions that users could take advantage of to try and fix their computer problems. Bug.gd