BudUrl.com – Link Sharing And Shrinking

BudUrl.comAre you one for link sharing? Do you enjoy telling your friends about sites or articles you found? If you do, then you know that some URLs are difficult to share due to how long they are. If you’re having that problem, then you probably know that the internet is home to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of sites that let you shrink your URLs.

If you’re looking for that, and a little bit more, then you have to check out Budurl.com. With this site, you’ll be able to create short links from overly long URLs. That’s not all though. You’ll be able to see how many people visited the link your recommended, making this a great site that will allow you to track how popular you truly are.

Say you choose to share these links through Facebook or Twitter. You’ll be able to see how many of your friends actually clicked on it, letting you know how much your links are taken into account by others.

BudUrl.com In Their Own Words

“BudURL is free and easy to use! Just paste in a large, unruly web address in the box above and click the “Shrink It!” button.”

Why BudUrl.com It Might Be A Killer

It’s an already overplayed concept, but the ability to let you track how many visits your links get is amazing.

Some Questions About BudUrl.com

Will people take advantage of this? Won’t they pass it off as just another link shortening site? BudUrl.com