BuddyLabs.com – Highly Customizable Avatars

BuddyLabs.comIf you’re really into cool avatars, but find that many avatars are limited in what you can and can’t personalize, you’ll probably be interested in what BuddyLabs has to offer. BuddyLabs is an avatar-creation site that works much like any other, except for that the array of customizable options is mind-boggling.

Currently, the site offers four animals that you can personalize (a pig, a fish, a cat, and a T-Rex, if my paleontological memory serves me correctly). You can adjust literally any setting these animals have, ranging from the obvious (clothing and accessories) to the more obscure (hip thickness and jaw size?!). The site is extremely easy to use, though you’ll need to make sure you’re running the latest version of FlashPlayer in order to create and customize you’re avatar. When you’re done, you can upload your avatar to a variety of social networking sites (including MySpace, Orkut, and Xanga) by pasting your personal html code into any section of your personal profile.

BuddyLabs.com In Their Own Words

“We’re a creative team that enable YOU to make the coolest web widgets on the planet! You can use them on MySpace, Blogger, Personal Web Pages, and more!”

Why BuddyLabs.com It Might Be A Killer

BuddyLabs definitely has some cool material to work with here. It will be great to see how they expand, and what other avatars they’ll create besides their basic four. It’s one of the easiest avatar sites to use that there is out there; and the array of personalization options is literally endless.

Some Questions About BuddyLabs.com

Right now, you can cut and paste html code to upload your avatars on to social networking sites, which is fine, but it would certainly be easier if the site had an actual widget so you could install the avatar directly onto your page. Will this service be offered soon? Absent from the social network sites supported list is Facebook; why can’t Facebook members use this BuddyLabs yet? BuddyLabs.com