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BuddyGuard.orgBuddyGuard is a new iPhone application (iTunes link) that basically showcases what mobile protection is all about. This app gives users the chance to upload what there are shooting with their iPhones to a different server, so that any evidence that’s being documented in case of an accident can still be retrieved if the mobile is lost, damaged or even destroyed; it enables people to have an SOS automatically sent out if something bad happens to them (thanks to the provided fall and crash motion detectors it employs); and it lets users send emergency text messages that include a Google Map with their last known position to all their friends.


Moreover, BuddyGuard lets users carry out secure meetings with people they’ve never met before. This is done by having them check in after the actual meeting has taken place. If they fail to comply, then BuddyGuard is sending out an alert to those who should know about it first of all.

All of the above services are provided at no cost. You can get the app for free, and use it without having to pay a dime. And both Android and Blackberry versions are underway. In Their Own Words

Personal security for mobile phones.

Some Questions About

Are these services provided internationally?

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