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BucketFeet Is Like An Art Gallery On Your Toes

Today’s Killer Startup: BucketFeet



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Elevator Pitch:

BucketFeet sells unique shoes designed by artists.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

When I was a teenage punk (a phase that lasted, thankfully, only about three years), the only sneakers I’d wear were Chuck Taylor high tops by Converse. Back then (because I’m old), the canvas shoes only costed around twenty bucks, so I could afford them on my measly allowance. Plus, all my friends were wearing them, which was obviously the most important thing. As soon as I got a new pair of Chucks, I’d scuff them by kicking the concrete and mark them up with sharpies. Only when they were completely covered with super cool stuff like pentagrams and anarchy symbols was I satisfied.


Yeah, I know. I was that kid.


BucketFeet takes their inspiration from all of us who used to draw on our Chucks, but refines it, a lot, with canvas shoes that are decorated with awesome designs from artists all over the world. The artists get paid up front for their work and then continue to receive royalties for every pair of shoes sold. It’s a great way to rock some totally original footwear and support working artists.


Artists who are interested in working with BucketFeed can email them here with their name, location, reason they want to be a guest artist, and their portfolio for a chance to make some extra cash and get their work out there into the world.


But for those of you who are just looking for a pair of sweet kicks that you don’t have to sharpie yourself, head over to BucketFeet and browse the options. Personally, I’m digging this floral pair by Venezuelan artist Elena Camps and these ones from Guatemalan (shout out to Guate!) artist Kris Tate.


So, guys and gals: no more drawing on your shoes. Get awesome artsy ones from BucketFeet instead.



Erm, did you DRAW ON YOUR SHOES as a kid too?? Check out the grown up version with artist-designed kicks from @BucketFeet


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Author : Emma McGowan

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