Buckaroo.com – Run Your Own Daily Promotions

Buckaroo.com“These daily deal websites are a mine of gold, aren’t they? I mean, there’s so many of them around that the formula must be right”. That is what I have heard spoken quite a few times by now, and while I understand that way of thinking I am also all-too aware that only a moderate number of daily deal websites are making some real money. But I understand those who think there is big money to be made there, and who want their own slice of the cake. And if they are going to try their luck at it, I suppose they might as well stop by a site like this one first.

Buckaroo lets people get their very own daily promotions together. All that needs to be done by users is to upload their corporate logo and their lists of contacts for promotions to begin being defined, and eventually sent out. Users of Buckaroo specify their own terms, and (something really interesting) is that Buckaroo takes no share of what is generated. The company charges a small, flat monthly fee for its services. But it takes no percentage of what is actually sold through the social campaigns it lets people deploy.

Buckaroo.com In Their Own Words

Run your own daily deal promotion.

Why Buckaroo.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it enables retailers to implement effective marketing campaigns and keep the full profits they reap.

Some Questions About Buckaroo.com

Are there more sites like this one? Which gives users more control over what is being created? Buckaroo.com