BubblePLY.com – Add Bubbles To Your Videos

BubblePLY.comBored at your 9-5 desk job? Got some spare time to kill, but had your fill of YouTube clips and SNL shorts? Check out BubblePLY, where not only do you get to watch videos, you get to modify their content by adding “bubbles” to them. “Bubbles” are simply small balloons in which you write a comment, and then insert into the clip wherever you want, much like VH1’s Pop Up Video.

After you’re done, the site provides with a link to your newly modified video to send to your friends, put on your blog, upload onto Facebook, etc. The concept is simple: just cut and paste the url of the video you wish to comment on, click “Next”, add in as many bubbles as you want, and you’re done. Can’t figure it out? The site comes complete with an instructional video, which is as hilarious as it is informative (it features the site’s creators starring in their own bubbled-out video). Currently, the site is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Why BubblePLY.com It Might Be A Killer

BubblePLY is a quick and easy way to comment on your favorite (or least favorite) videos. It’s a much easier way of making your opinion known than scattering random comments around several different video websites; just post your thoughts and share them with the world with your modified video’s url.

Some Questions About BubblePLY.com

The site is relatively slow in terms of video loading and it can take a while to produce a bubble. The controls could be overwhelming for some users; there are almost too many options to choose from. Is there a step-by-step guide which explains exactly how to use each control? Why does the site only accept urls and not desktop uploads? BubblePLY.com