– Exclusive Luxury Spa Deals

bTreated.comA brand-new online club, bTreated provides its every registered member with luxury spa deals. For the time being, these services are offered only within the City of New York. But more and more cities are meant to be supported during 2011.

Members of bTreated can get 30-80% off on services that include massages, pedicures, manicures, waxings and haircuts. All the supported venues have been picked by the bTreated team, too. And they have been hand-picked at that, so that you know you are going to sample the cream of the cream as far as spa experiences are concerned.

The exclusivity of bTreated is felt in the way that you can become a member of the service. You see, you need a friend who is already in to invite you. That might seem a bit disheartening, but it is actually what makes the service cool to begin with. I mean, if you do gain admission to bTreated you will have a splendid reason to look lesser friends down your nose. Gotta love that… In Their Own Words

A members-only luxury spa treatment boutique.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The exclusivity of the service makes it ten times more appealing.

Some Questions About

Which cities are being supported next?