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BTMMO.comPlaying online with others has certainly taken off, and while some might look askance at it I think that such a way of experiencing games is more vital than the individualistic fashion of yore. Don’t get me wrong, I adored playing on my own, but the social aspect brings a whole new dimension altogether.


And in the event you want to take the interaction even further than the actual field of play, this new network will let you do it.

Recently launched, Behind The MMO (or BTMMO for friends) is a location where those who are keen on such games (specifically World Of Warcraft) can interact by sharing not only insight but also the usual media such as images and videos. Groups can be created, and events can be promoted through the site.

The site also has a “Search for friends” functionality that will let you see which ones of your peers are already part of the network. And a link for inviting them if that doesn’t happen to be the case is thankfully included. After all, what good is a network if you are not already on familiar terms with a few membersto begin with? In Their Own Words

“Welcome to BTMMO, a way to connect with your MMO friends! Go ahead and sign up to see who is here on your server! Upload and share pictures and videos, create groups, and chat with other players when you can’t be ingame! Using our proprietary character verification system, we ensure that your friends online are really your friends on BTMMO! Sign up today, it only takes a minute!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way for those keen on MMO games to get to know each other best.

Some Questions About

How will this network evolve from now on?

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