– Secure Web-based SSH Client

With Browser Shell, a completely secure web-based SSH client, users are given remote terminal access to SSH servers from any web browser. Because this system is so secured that users have root access to their SSH servers and their critical files as if they were on those machines themselves.

This system does not store any information about the server that is being connected to. Instead, users simply logon to this site and access the shell from there. Browser Shell links users from their remote computer to their shell through SSL. To use this system, users choose from one of three packages to purchase. Packages range in time allowed to utilize the tool. In Their Own Words

“Browser Shell is a secure web based SSH client which gives you remote terminal access to an SSH server, such as OpenSSh, from any web browser without the need for an SSH client or for SSH firewall settings. Browser Shell lets you securely access a server or your own Linux/Unix machine from any web enabled device, a public computer, a machine behind a firewall to which you have no control, or a mobile web enabled device.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept of Browser Shell is well designed however there are some kinks that must be worked out. For example, certain links on the website do not work. Cleaning up and enhancing the site will help a great deal.

Some Questions About

How can links be fixed so the site is fully functioning? How can the site be graphically enhanced?