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Brokengold.comIf you want to turn your jewellery into cash offers a fast and easy way of doing it.


Just follow 3 easy steps. First, fill out the electronic form and wait till they send you the Broken Gold Kit. Second, place your gold or jewellery in it and send it back. Finally, wait for the money to come. purchases all kind of jewellery: class rings, gold watches, gold pins, platinum, sterling silver, gold coins, items with missing stones, and even bent or broken jewellery and dental gold. If you�re not sure if your items qualify for the purchase, you can click on the Contact Us button and they will evacuate all your doubts. To assure a good service if you are not satisfied with the amount of money paid for your item you can return the money and they will return the item at no expense. You can also check out some examples of what they usually buy and see how the company works.

Author : Charly Zaks

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