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Brijit.comAre you finding it hard to keep up with your magazine subscriptions? Does it seem like there is no time to read interesting articles? can help you prioritize the articles you do read by allowing you to browse through article abstracts. gives 100 word abstracts on articles from Time Magazine, The Economist, The new Yorker, and other accredited magazines. Writers submit abstracts to and the best once are posted. You can search for articles by topic or by source. Or you can check out articles that Brijit recommends or the most popular articles. Brijit users can rate the articles and there for keep the best material on the most popular list. The Brijit rating system is as follows; 0 = not a priority, 1 = worth reading if you have the time, 2 = special, worth making time for, 3 = exceptional, a must-read, not to be missed. When you are browsing through the abstracts you get information on when the article was published and by which magazine. If you like the abstract you can click on the link to the article and read the entire thing. As a user you can save the abstract or email it to a friend. makes finding good material easy so you can find the time to read articles that otherwise you would be too busy to find. In Their Own Words

“Simply, Brijit aggregates the world’s best long-form content and abstracts it in 100 words or less, providing busy, omnivorous, and increasingly mobile readers with rich, qualitative summaries as well as better guideposts for what to read, watch or listen to now. We produce these abstracts in concert with our readers, as one community of readers, writers and editors. Think of us as your well-read friend who leads you to that can’t miss article, video clip or product.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a bold interface. The site is easy to navigate and has a thorough FAQ section. Searching for a review is easy since you can choose to browse through subject topics or magazine sources. The rating system is a good way to keep the best abstracts on the list and get rid of bad material. has information that concerns users and writers and the information is clearly marked. People are too busy today to read every month’s magazine addition so will most likely be a popular site.

Some Questions About should add some more Web 2.0 features to its community, which it plans on doing. Users with profiles should be able to get notifications when abstracts are submitted from their favorite magazine or topics that interest them. There should also be a forum where users can discuss articles and abstracts. Users should also be able to create and join groups on literary topics that interest them.

Author : Charly Zaks

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