– Get Paid To Watch TV

BrightSpot.tvIf you’re ever spent a full day in front of the tube wondering why there isn’t some sort of job that pay you to watch TV, you’ll be glad to know that your wish just came a little bit closer to coming true. BrightSpot TV, a new launch from BrightSpot Media, will deposit US $.

50 into your BrightSpot TV account every time you watch a commercial. How does it work? First, you’ll need to sign up for a free account on the website. The site will then ask you for some personal information so they can cater advertisements to your interests. Then, all you have to do is watch the commercials that BrightSpot provides for you, answer a few questions from the advertisements for feedback purposes, and then you can begin to reap the benefits. If you don’t like the commercials you’re watching, you let the advertisers know; the more you give them feedback the more they’ll adapt the commercials to suit you. In Their Own Words

“BrightSpot delivers the power of choice to the people. It’s our right to define our own media experience. BrightSpot.TV allows their members to benefit from advertising without being intrusive or annoying. My time is precious and BrightSpot respects that. I only login to watch commercials when I have time. When I login, I have six commercials that match my interests in my SpotQueue. I can choose to watch all of them or none of them it’s up to me.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BrightSpot TV is sponsored by BrightSpot Media, which receives millions of dollars of funding from huge sports moguls (CEOs of NBA teams, for example), which could allow the site to buy its way into the spotlight. BrightSpot is also capitalizing on a huge market – teenagers who watch TV all day and need some extra spending money.

Some Questions About

BrightSpot should find a way to cater to an older age bracket in order to increase its credibility. What adult will really take the time to sign up for an account to receive only fifty cents per advertisement viewed? If the site is targeted at TV watchers, shouldn’t they be advertising on television? Since users have to create an account through one of the site’s investors, how can BrightSpot guarantee that users will be credited?