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BrightMesh.comA Canadian startup, BrightMesh hopes to position itself as the tool of choice for professionals that want to advance their careers. The site lets just any job seeker see the true relationships that are between companies and individuals, and learn how to approach them more efficiently.

BrightMesh takes the shape of a network in which people and companies become interconnected nodes. Users can rate each other, and share the work experiences that they have had together.

On BrightMesh, you will be able to execute four different types of searches: by job, by people, by brightspots and by company/projects. The first two of these merit no explanations, but a word or two must be said regarding brightspots. Basically, these are selection environments in which capable professionals can show what they can do, and they can also be used by companies to promote their activities to the public at large.

BrightMesh is a site that can be joined and used by just anybody. Profiles come at no cost, and they can also be created really quickly. In Their Own Words

Find better jobs, work with better people.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will let anybody uncover the true relationships between companies and employees at a mere glance.

Some Questions About

How will this project evolve from this point onwards? In which directions could it be taken?

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