– BRG Market research services

Brgrs.comBased in the US, this market research and analysis company has been serving other companies for the last decade, providing information, insight and strategies through varied means: telephone interviews, traditional mail and email surveys, focus groups, data processing and reporting, and other standard industry products plus some innovative internet tools which are not thoroughly explained –the site is targeted for Market research pros, so a big part of its language is rather obscure jargon. In this site you will find brief information on the products sold by the company and how they work, however you have to phone or write an e-mail in order to get an estimate of how much your project could cost, in so as much as the company tailors the product to meet each client’s needs.

A big plus about is that all of a client’s information and research is accessible upon logging in, which allows making presentations or discussions, or even working from home without dealing with complicated database software.