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Brewfridge.comHow useful you are going to find this site lies in direct proportion to how much you enjoy beer. If you take your lager seriously, then you will adore Brewfridge, as the site gives you the chance to keep track of all the beers you have ever tasted, and build your very own collection online for all to see and admire. We are talking about something that can be done for free in every case. And both a web interface and a mobile application are provided for letting you input your data from wherever you are, and for letting you input it the very same moment you have tasted the lager in question.


The latest beers to have been rated by the Brewfridge community are all highlighted on the homepage, too. If you are looking for new beers to try, then that will certainly keep you going for quite some time. And it will also be interesting for when you want to know what others think about these beers you have loved all your life. In Their Own Words

BrewFridge is a free & easy application to track your beer collection, as well as the tasting notes of any beer you’ve tried.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let beer connoisseurs wax eloquent on the topic, and enlighten people who are new to it all.

Some Questions About

How many new beers are added per week?

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